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Edie has created a journey of meditations that will guide you and help you connect with the healing energies that Maui has to offer. The process is transforming, enlightening and can bring you the joy that is Maui.


Edie Van Hoose

Edie Van Hoose is a Master Practitioner and Instructor from Maui, Hawaii where she works at Ritz-Carlton Kapalua, Waihua Spa and in her private massage practice. A global healer, Edie has shared her intuitive  massages with clients from around the world, world-class athletes, and many clients wherever she travels. In addition, Edie has provided Wellness classes in Laughter Yoga, guided meditations and has produced her own Hawaiian Meditation CD.

After careers in social work and real estate, Edie found her life passion in therapeutic massage. Now she is sharing her knowledge and insights gained in more than 21 years of therapeutic touch as an inspirational keynote speaker on health and wellness. Currently Edie is writing her first book "Yearning To Soar" about stepping out of chaos, following your life path and choosing a life filled with joy.



$135 for 60 mins

$180 for 90 mins

Lomi Lomi Massage

Guided Meditation

Inspirational Self-Care Talks

Lymphatic Drainage

CranioSacral Therapy




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